​The City of Bainbridge Island has contemplated various uses for the 13.78-acre property commonly referred to as the Suzuki Property for several years.  After considering a number of ideas, the City chose to develop approximately 35% of the property into affordable housing.  The remainder of the property is to be left largely undisturbed with the exception of walking paths.

Project History

  • 2015

    • In 2015 the City Council decided to consider development alternatives for the property and issued a request for proposals (RFP).  The City did not specify what kind of proposals it was seeking.  Numerous public meetings were held in which citizen and neighborhood input was energetically given.

    • In November, the City received proposals from Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB), Housing Kitsap, the Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation District, and OPG.  The council elected to move forward with OPG whose initial proposal included a large Boys and Girls facility, growing areas, and housing (both market rate and government subsidized affordable).   However, hearing the environmental concerns of neighbors and the community, the Council agreed to do an ecological assessment to identify the important environmental features on the property.

  • 2016

    • In spring of 2016, the City Council responded to requests from the community to become better informed about the natural attributes of the property and authorized the City Manager to hire Environmental Science Associates (ESA) to conduct an ecological assessment on the Suzuki property. 

  • 2017

    • The ESA report identified several different tree stand types, the most important being a “mature second growth forest”.  Their recommendations included buffering the human-created pond on the southern part of the property and the creation of a 300’ wildlife corridor (with no development) on the south portion of the property.

    • The Council requested OPG alter its plan to follow ESA’s recommendations.  This reduced the potential area for development from 13.78-acres to +/- 4-acres.  The reduced development area eliminated the potential for the new Boys and Girls Club and other proposed amenities.  The Council also voted to make 100% of the housing affordable.

  • 2018

    • OPG presented a revised site plan which was approved in concept by the City.  OPG has now been contracted to be the lead consultant in taking the project through the preliminary project approval and environmental review process.  OPG’s contract does not extend to the development and construction phase.