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Assistant Project Manager

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This page contains presentations and studies that provide important background and project information.  As new plans, reports, and meeting videos are completed they will be posted here.
If you are interested in a deep dive of the project we recommend reviewing the January 16, 2018 presentation to the City Council.  It provides an in-depth background on issues raised during the prior public process and various government-related affordable housing topics.

City Council Discussion 02/05/19
Suzuki Public Presentation Video 11/28/18
Suzuki Public Presentation 11/28/18
Suzuki City Council Presentation 01/09/18
DRAFT Site Plan*

*This site plan was utilized in preparing the OPG contract.  It will change as the project now moves through formal planning.


ESA Habitat Assessment
(commissioned by the City’s ETAC Committee in early 2017)
Suzuki Habitat Assessment_ESA_revised FI
BGE_Wetlands Delineation 2018_1008
AGO_Updated Survey Dwgs 2018_1112
Katy Bigelow Suzuki 2018_1102
Aspect_Final Geotechnical Report_2018_1105
Aspect_Phase I ESA_FINAL_2018_1106
KPG Traffic Impact Analysis 2019_0530
Bridge Housing Report_2019_0802